OkiemPrawnika.pl is a solution for entrepreneurs who deal with legal issues during running their business activity but do not need to have a permanent acces to a lawyer in their office.

There is a few reasons why it is worth to trust us:


We are members of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Gdańsk, we are subjected to mandatory civil liability insurance up to 350.000 EUR, we obey the rules of professional ethic and professional secrecy


We specialize in providing legal services to entrepreneurs, we provide advices to natural persons running sole business practises as well as to the companies, including listed companies and foreign companies


We create solutions that best fit the aim presented by the Client and his business purpose, we ensure legal and tax safety, we offer single advices as well as permanent advisory


We offer to our Clients the following services:


We prepare from the the outset variable contracts, regulations, internal or external instructions, as well as resolutions - all on the basis of the information and requests provided by the Client without prejudice to the law regulations and requirements


We verify documents delivered by Client - both a model documents used by the Client or documents proposed by their contractors – to ensure compliance with the law and to recommend amendments or improvements to the documents if necessary


We prepare legal opinions in which we describe in details a legal asessment of the facts presented by the Cilent or we prepare in a clear and transparent form information regarding legal apects of the activities the Client intends to undertake


We help in the contact with the Clients' contractors using our negotiation skills focusing on the best realization of Client's business goal and further good and promising cooperation with the contractor


We act for Clients in each stage of proceeding in cases regarding dispute (for exapmle vindication of debts) as well as non-dispute proceedings (for example registration procedure in Registrar of Companies or national pledge register)


We represent Clients before government administration - local and central ones like Financial Supervisory Authority, General Inspector of Data Protection, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection


We provide legal services in the following areas:

An area of law which influences almost every entrepreuner regardless of the branch in which he runs his business activity. In this area we in particular:

  • help you to choose the optimal legal form for your business activity;
  • draft partnership agreements and articles of associations, we help with the registration of the companies in Registrar of Companies;
  • help with conducting meeting of companies bodies – we draft resolutions and any other documentation necessary for the AGM/EGM, Management Board meetings, Supervisory Board meetings;
  • represent partners, members, shareholders on AGM/EGM;
  • advice on corporate governance iissues n the company;
  • draft investment agreements between shareholders or potential investors;
  • we merge, transform, dissolve and liquidate companies.

It is good to be prepared for every transaction whether it is a share deals or an asset deals. In this area we:

  • make a legal due dilligence which results in report indicating the necessity to conduct certain actions and allowing to undertake further decisions as to the transactions;
  • draft and verify transaction documents, for example sale and purchase agreements regarding shares, stocks, organized parts of entrepreneurship, all rights and duties of the partner or particular asset;
  • help you to choose optimal form of financing transaction, for example with the use of bonds, loan, credit and other forms;
  • create securities for the transaction, for example registered pledge, bill of exchange, guarantee etc.

Immanent element of all business activities in many areas, in particular in IT and TMT. For those who need help with intelectual property we:

  • draft and verify contracts regarding transfer of copyrights to the works like for example dedicated software, project of logo, project of www layout, project of poster, leaflet, commercial;
  • draft and verify licence agreements for use of software and other works;
  • help in a disputes regarding infringement of our own IP rights or third person IP rights.

Apart from the support described above in the scope of intellectual property the TMT law comprises additional specific regulations regarding mainly consumer protection laws. In this area we:

  • create terms and conditions for on-line services or verify such documents and check whether they contain mandatory provisions or abusive clauses that need to be removed therefrom;
  • draft and verify contracts regarding software creation, SLAs, domain transfer contracts etc.;
  • undertake activities aiming at protection of Clients’ know-how (NDAs);
  • represent Clients in the disputes regarding their reponsibility for provided services.

Most of the entrepreneurs sells their products or services to consumers. The more right the law provides to consumers the more duties is imposed on entrepreneurs. To meet this requirement and avoid negative consequences of nonconformity with these regulations it is necessary to conduct compliance activities. Within this scope we:

  • verify contracts and terms and conditions to check if they do contain abusive clauses;
  • assess if the business activity of the Client can be regarded as unfair market practices;
  • adapt documents to requirements contained in the consumer rights act.

Almost every entrepreneur deals with this area of law. Within its scope we:

  • draft or verify and negotiate contract for sale of real estates, lease contracts, construction works contracts and many other related to the real etstates;
  • conduct due dilligence of the real estate before its acquisition;
  • help to establish encumbrances and mortgages
  • represent Clients in the legal proceedings related to mortgage register.

In each of the abovementioned law areas we also emphasize on tax consequences of the planned transactions and activities.

We also recommend external trusted professionals if the particular area of law which regulates our Client’s activity is not within the scope of our practice.


To use our services we recommend you to follow the steps described below:


    Send a request by e-mail or by using the contact form available in the tab Contact


    Within 24h we will evaluate the cost of our work on your request and the estimated time for preparation of our respond to your request


    You take a decision whether to use our services and make a payment in accordance with the instructions included in the e-mail from us


    After receiving the payment we prepare the respond for your request and we send it via e-mail


    In case of any additional questions or requests - do not hesitate to contact us




In 2010 he graduated law from Law and Administration Department of University of Gdansk with honours. In 2014 he qualified as a legal advisor.

He was gaining the experience in Deloitte Tax Advisory sp. z o.o., Law Firm of Advocate Waldemar Kurdej in Gdansk, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, DLA Piper Wiater sp. k. Law Firm. Since May 2011 roku he cooperates with the Law Firm Rybszleger Sp. k. from Gdynia.

His main professional interest focuses on civil law and commercial law (in particular company law), TMT law, regulations regarding investment funds, capital markets and tax law.

He speaks fluently in English, he graduated from School of American Law organized by Chicago-Kent College of Law and the Law and Administration Department of University of Gdansk. He was studying also in University of Sheffield.

He was participating in the final of arbitration competition organized by PKPP Lewiatan Negotiation Competition and by Polish National Chamber of Legal Advisors.

He runs Facebook fanpage „Interesting court rulings” on which he shares with others the knowledge in the area of court rulings.



Graduated in law at the University of Gdansk with thesis awarded in the competition of the Polish Patent Office with a special prize funded by the Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK).

In his practice he worked in a law firm specializing in intellectual property protection, the advertising agency that supports one of the largest financial institutions in the Poland, as well as the editor of a legal web portal. For several years he supported business angels fund with wide portfolio of companies.

At present he actively participates in the investment process and the commercialization of one of the largest class A office complex in Poland.

Winner of many prestigious competitions, including:

Finalist of arbitration competition organized by PKPP Lewiatan;
Awarded with the title of the best negotiator during Negotiating Tournament organized by the National Council of Legal Advisers;
Finalist of the Internet Stock Exchange Game organized by Parkiet newspaper.

Initiator of bringing copyright of Red Poppies (so-called the second anthem) to Poland. Author of the blog „Intellectual Property in Practice” repeatedly quoted in the media. Actively supporthing many third sector initatives.

He is fluent in English.


Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego

Łukasz Winkowski

NIP: 5552044392

tel. +48794629656

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